• “The Walt Disney Teaching Garden is a unique and natural learning environment that has given our students a first-hand experience of the seed-to-table process, while providing them with invaluable insight into the importance and appreciation of nutritious and healthy eating.”

    – Teali Fielder, principal of Walt Disney Elementary School

    Teali Fielder
  • “I got involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters Workplace Mentoring as a way to give back to others some of the opportunities and positive influences I was provided growing up. It is great to show my ‘Little’ some of the magic our cast members create every day for our guests.”

    -Chris Won, operations planner at the Disneyland Resort

    Chris Won
  • “Willow Park is within a mile of my house. It will be great to drive by, on my way to work, and see all the kids enjoying what we have built. Playgrounds are a great atmosphere for kids, and especially one they helped design specifically for this community.”

    -Becky Murphy, stage manager of Food & Beverage, Disneyland Resort

    Becky Murphy
The Disneyland Resort is committed to giving back to the community it has called home for over 60 years – Anaheim, California. Through various programs, donations, and events, the Disneyland Resort supports the city of Anaheim in providing opportunities for residents to learn, play, achieve and thrive.

In the past year alone, the Resort proudly supported over 120 Anaheim schools and nonprofit organizations that serve thousands of Anaheim residents, with total contributions valued at nearly $3.5 million.

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