Youth Scholarships

In 2005, in recognition of our 50th Anniversary, the Disneyland Resort launched a scholarship program to recognize and reward students who were making a difference in our community through volunteer service. Over the past ten years, the Disneyland Resort has awarded 91 Orange County high school students with over $500,000 in scholarships.

As we prepare for the 60th Diamond Celebration of Disneyland Resort in 2015, we are launching a new program in place of our current scholarship program. This program will also focus on the positive role student’s play in helping to strengthen our community.

As we complete the final year of the Disneyland Resort Scholarship Program, we want to congratulate all of our scholarship recipients for their dedication to volunteerism and making a difference in the community.

Although the Disneyland Resort Scholarship Program has come to an end, our commitment to supporting youth and the community shines on. We are delighted to pioneer innovative ways to support our community and inspire a brighter tomorrow.

Please stay tuned as we unveil new programs and some unexpected surprises!

Congratulations to the 2014 Disneyland Resort
Scholarship Recipients!

Jasmine Cho

Jasmine Cho
Troy High School, Fullerton
National Red Cross, Orange County Chapter

  • Number of Volunteer Hours: 2,280
  • Community Service Highlight: Leads a one week summer camp for future youth leaders in the community to invoke confidence, leadership skills and teamwork.
  • “I am an avid proponent of giving back and serving as a leader in the community. Thus I channel my passion and ambition for the betterment of where I live.”
Josie Goson

Josie Goson
Laguna Beach High School, Laguna Beach
St. Margaret of Scotland Episcopal School

  • Number of Volunteer Hours: 803
  • Community Service Highlight: Worked with children with special needs as a counselor at Special Camp for Special Kids for three consecutive summers.
  • “There is a great impact in being a friend to someone, and I believe a community is greatly enhanced when all members feel that they are a part of it. This feeling of community can be achieved through volunteering.”
Gaviota Hernandez Ocampo

Gaviota Hernandez Ocampo
Santiago High School, Garden Grove
Boys and Girls Clubs of Garden Grove

  • Number of Volunteer Hours: 462
  • Community Service Highlight: Raised money to make kits containing life necessities to distribute at a local homeless shelter.
  • “I can honestly say that I probably would not be the confident girl I am today if it wasn’t for volunteering at United Keystone.”
Nancy Herrera

Nancy Herrera
Tustin High School, Tustin
Tustin Police Foundation (Explorers Program

  • Number of Volunteer Hours: 450
  • Community Services Highlight: Enhances public safety and law enforcement to improve the life quality and safety of Tustin residents.
  • “Helping others is something I hold close to my heart because it brought great happiness to my life and to this day I can sincerely say it still does.”
Jonathan Hwang

Jonathan Hwang
Fountain Valley High School, Fountain Valley
Auxiliary of Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian, Inc.

  • Number of Volunteer Hours: 793
  • Community Services Highlight: Leads more than 150 volunteers and plans auxiliary program events as Vice President of the volunteer program.
  • “As I assisted visitors and nurses every weekend and sang Christmas carols to patients at Hoag Memorial Hospital during the holiday season, I began to grow as a person.”
Karla Nava

Karla Nava
Middle College High School, Santa Ana
Wilson Elementary Think Together Program

  • Number of Volunteer Hours: 354
  • Community Services Highlight: Tutors children and assists teachers in a homework help program.
  • “I believe that I have that spark to ignite the younger children in becoming someone successful in life. It serves my community as a mold changer as children are helped to define their talents and appreciate education.”
Thien-An Nguyen

Thien-An Nguyen
Ocean View High School, Huntington Beach
Kiwanis Foundation of Huntington Beach

  • Number of Volunteer Hours: 340
  • Community Services Highlight: Increased the Key Club budget by more than $1,500 through fundraising for the club itself and raised nearly $2,000 for various causes such as Heifer International and the Phillipines in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan.
  • “Quantifiably, Kiwanis made thousands of dollars from the event where I volunteered. Immeasurably, I helped bring smiles to the faces of countless kids and brought a smile to my own in doing so.”
Kishan Patel

Kishan Patel
Sunny Hills High School, Fullerton
Youth Leadership America

  • Number of Volunteer Hours: 905
  • Community Services Highlight: Helped create a 14-week program that  helps develop leadership skills, which reaches 80 high school students in Orange County at more than 40 different high schools.
  • “My Guru told me that it is important to practice these words in our life: ‘Shradhaya Deyam,’ which means ‘give with faith and love.’ Volunteering at nonprofit organizations gives me the opportunity to put these words into action.”
Karla Rodriguez

Karla Rodriguez
Oxford Academy, Cypress
Boys and Girls Club of Anaheim/Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership (HOBY)

  • Number of Volunteer Hours: 248
  • Community Services Highlight: Inspired new HOBY members to take their new leadership skills and use them to be of service in their communities.
  • “I volunteer because it is the only form of changing the world that I have thus far. I can only hope that I have created a domino effect on the people around me who can now go out and contribute to bettering the world just as I strive to do.”
Stephanie Tomuta

Stephanie Tomuta
Rancho Alamitos High School, Garden Grove
California Friends Home

  • Number of Volunteer Hours: 360
  • Community Services Highlight: Participated in activities with the elderly and planned special events such as a lemonade stand, multicultural week and annual book sales.
  • “Volunteering isn’t a one-time event, it is a lifestyle of devotion, enthusiasm and passion.”

See the 2014 Disneyland Resort Scholarship Recipients in action: